MoTeC C1212 Display Kit for R35 GT-R


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  • Includes MoTeC C1212 Display with USB
  • MoTeC C1212 I/O Upgrade
  • MoTeC C1212 Display Creator License
  • GT1R PNP Dash Harness
  • GT1R M1 to C1212 Harness
  • Billet C1212 Dash Mount
  • RobTuned Audi Style Display Design

ONLY compatible with a MoTeC M1 Equipped GT-R

The C1212 is the latest model in MoTeC’s range of Color Displays and Color Display Loggers, featuring an impressively generous, high resolution, full color screen. Stylishly designed with powerful functionality, the C1212 provides a sophisticated display plus data logging, auxiliary control and video camera input and display, all in one streamlined device.

Measuring an incredible 12 inches diagonally, the ultra-bright screen is vibrant and anti-reflective, making it easy to view in direct sunlight. Numerous selectable layouts are supplied with configurable channels, labels and color schemes. Or, for the flexibility to treat your screen as a blank canvas and design your own layout with unique graphics, sponsor logos, custom icons and gauges, opt for the new Display Creator upgrade. All C1212 displays include (reverse camera) composite video input functionality and USB Logging (upgrade).

The C1212 is also pin for pin compatible with C125 and C127 color displays!



  • Screen: Color TFT LCD, anti-reflective
  • Selectable fixed layouts with channel and label configurability
  • 48 user-defined, scrollable message lines with programmable overrides
  • 3 programmable ‘pages’, for example Practice, Warm-Up, Race


  • 2 x Configurable CAN buses with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
    • One can be used as RS232 Receive
  • RS232: 2 x RS232 ports
  • One with Transmit and Receive
  • One with Receive only


  • IP68 Rated
  • 1 x 34 pin waterproof connector

Logging (optional – requires Logging Upgrade)

  • Level 1 Upgrade – 120 MB logging memory
  • Level 2 Upgrade – USB Logging with IP67 USB Stick
  • Logging rates up to 500 samples per second
  • Fast Ethernet download
  • Includes i2 Standard data analysis software (i2 Pro available as an upgrade)

Inputs (INCLUDED optional – requires I/O Upgrade)

  • 6 x analogue voltage inputs
  • 2 x analogue temperature inputs
  • 2 x digital inputs
  • 3 x speed inputs

Outputs (INCLUDED optional – requires I/O Upgrade)

  • 4 x low side outputs
    • PWM or switched operation

Internal Sensors

  • 3-axis G sensor
  • Dash temperature sensor
  • Sensor supply voltage
  • Battery voltage


  • Compatible with MoTeC E888 and E816 Expanders, providing expanded functionality.